How Anyone Can Generate Enough Income for Retirement in 3 to 5 Years – Even if You Have Very Little Saved?


When we think of retirement, we often think of ourselves at the accepted retirement age. That differs depending upon who you are talking to and where you live in the world.


I will use the United States because most people in the U.S. wait until they are old enough to draw Social Security before they retire.


As of the writing of this article, Social Security offers three retirement ages, and each age offers the retiree a different amount of Social Security income.


In the U.S., you can start drawing Social Security at age 62 or you can wait five years and start at age 67 or you can opt for age 70 to start drawing Social Security.


According to, it is estimated that by 2035 you will only be able to draw about 79 percent of what current retirees are being paid.


You can check your estimated Social Security benefits by going to and registering for an account.

According to Fidelity, you should expect to have 1x your salary by age 30, 3x by 40, 6x by 50, 8x by 60, and 10x by 67.


For our example we will use a salary of $100,000, so for someone age 67, you will need $1,000,000 in income based upon the numbers suggested by Fidelity.


According to, the life expectancy in the United States is 79.05 years, so if you did have $1,000,000 in retirement income by age 67, you could have a yearly average income of approximately $82,987.


What if you lived longer than age 79?

What if you did not have your $1,000,000 in retirement income by age 67?


The solution to getting to be able to retire in 3 to 5 years even if you have nothing to very little saved is compound interest!


Compound interest can turn $2500 into $251,000 in 3 years and into $5,440,000 in five years regardless of your age and how much you currently have saved!


Look at the compound interest calculator image below:


The image above is from a compound interest calculator. It is not associated with this opportunity, and is only used to display what could be possible. With investing there are no guarantees and you should never invest funds that you cannot afford to lose. Past results for this opportunity do not equal a future outcome. There is no guarantee that we will earn anything on Friday, and there is a possibility that we can even register a loss.


The numbers in the image above may seem to be too good to be true, but that’s because you probably have never earned compound interest in your life.


There are 1000s of average people around the world who have been earning compound interest since 2019.


Some of them have created generational wealth in three years and their grandchildren will never have to worry about money.


Those who have created generational wealth in three years have obviously started with more than $2,500.


At what age would you like to retire?

What is your financial goal for retirement?


I am not a certified Financial Planner nor am I giving you financial advice, I am just sharing information that I have learned and using to plan for my retirement. If you need financial advice, please contact a licensed Financial Professional.


This is a worldwide opportunity for you to plug into a system that could help you generate enough for retirement in 3 to 5 years, even if you have very little saved.


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